Founded in 1973, BaiYunShan General Factory (BYS) is a well-known professional antibiotic-producing company and one of the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in China, is the biggest pharmaceutical industrial subsidiary under Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings (GPC) and China’s the largest monobasic pharmaceutical industry. Having established a complete R&D, manufacturing and sale system, BYS, with a steady increase in annual revenues and profits, has achieved more than 2 billion RMB for the annual sales scale in recent years. With 1,300 employees, BYS possesses over 300 medicine products and the production lines capable of producing 11 types of pharmaceutical formulations, among which includes two renowned Chinese trademarks, “BaiYunShan” and “KangZhiBa”. Antibiotics, the key products of BYS, covers almost all commonly used antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medicines in China’s markets. The newly-launched anti-erection disturbance product, known as Jinge, has become the first generic drug “Viagra” successfully marketed in China.

Trustworthy Business Concept

“Quality and Credibility” are beliefs of BYS’s business concept. In order to guarantee our product quality from all aspects, the Quality Control (QC) system has been structured into 5 levels and apply to every BYS people. Since 2008 when BYS became one of the first patches of companies who joined “the Authorized Quality Control Personal” trial hosted by Guangdong’s provincial government it has trained more than 30 QC groups awarded by the nation and related associations. 

In marketing, BYS initiated the so-called “Five Guarantees” movement, which refunds our partners for transportation damage, reprice lost, expired unsold storage, as well as withdraw and bad quality products, and therefore was honored by the local government as “Reliable Brand and Enterprise”. 

In cooperations, BYS has been honored as a credible company by the provincial government for the past 28 years and won the “Most Trustworthy Film Title” multiple times. We also won the “Nation’s Performance Excellence Model Company” in 2014 and the “District Chief’s Quality Award” in 2015, respectively



BYS has a combination of brand and generic drug products, including:

1.Cefathiamidine, the world’s only semi-synthesis antibiotic that used in the clinic, which was developed by Chinese research teams and possessed the independent intellectual property right. Awarded the second price of “National Innovation Award”.

2.Sildenafil citrate (tablet and raw material), a generic anti-erection disturbance medicine equivalent to the branded drug “Viagra”, was launched in China on 2nd Sep 2014, which made BYS the first company of filing and launching this generic drug in mainland China.

3.BYS02, a novel cephalosporin compound that has received a clinical trial license, ended a 20-year emptiness of novel cephalosporin trials in China.


Owning to our pursuit in innovations and creativity, BYS was regarded as the “National Enterprise Technology Center”, the “National Technological Advanced Enterprise”, and the “Provincial Technological Advanced and Innovative Enterprise”. 

As the national IPR (Intellectual Property Right) advantageous enterprises, Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property demonstration enterprises, BYS won a series of government awards including 1st price in the “Mayor’s Award of Intellectual Property Protection” in 2011, the “Provincial Patent Implementation and Benefit Award” in 2012, and BYS’s intellectual property management system national standard recognition in 2014. 

BYS has been continuously putting a large effort in recruiting and preserving the talented. We have invited Dr. Ferid Murad, the founder of Sildenafil, as our R&D consultant;Dr. Tang XiChan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as our chief scientist; and Dr. Wei YuQuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciense, as a double recruited consultant. We also established production-education-research cooperation with the College of Pharmacy in SunYat-Sen University and Beijing University, and formed Integrated Product Development (IPD) management system.


Property Upgrade

In recent years, BYS has spent enormous funds for property upgrades. For instance, a new building for injectable powder medicines advanced in international standard, which values over a hundred million yuan (RMB). In 1st Apr 2014, the building was highly praised by provincial communist party secretary Hu Chunhua. Another example is the newly constructed manufactory base in JieXi, China, which spent 180 million yuan (RMB) and occupied approximately 12 acres. The base is advance in technology, with high cost-performance and being eco-friendly. It has become the largest oral penicillin producing base and the largest Chinese medicine production base for anti-cough and bad-cold medicines, Its capacity is equivalent to a billion yuan (RMB) yearly. In Jul 2017, Ren Xuefeng, the city’s secretary of municipal party committee of Guangzhou, paid a visit to our JieXi base and affirmed its accomplishments.BYS is also actively promoting digitalizing its management system and quality control, and by that, it was selected along with other 99 companies for an experiment on integration of Internet and Industry in 2015.


Obligation of BYS

It is BYS’s duty to provide a secured working environment as well as stable and fairly rewarded positions to our employees. We sincerely respect our employees’ safety, health and dignity so that no product or money shall be made or gained upon the sacrifice of these. By practicing with this belief, BYS was honored as the model of safety cultural construction, safety manufactory practicing, and safety protocol education by national, provincial and local governments.

BYS also embrace the idea of eco-friendly, energy saving and emission reduction. We are the first company in Guangzhou’s pharmaceutical businesses to apply clean production assessment into our manufactory process, and amount the first to advocate for a “green Chinese medicine product chain”. Thanks to the innovative “ecological enzyme processing” technique, we cut usage of the organic solvent by 90% and reduced sewage chemical oxygen demand (COD) by 80%. We also completely prohibited the usage of dichloromethane, a carcinogenic material. Above which has effectively promoted the sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry chain and contributed to the protection of the environment. 


Harmonious Company culture

BYS collaborates with the Guangzhou Union to represent our employees on their behalfs, the company has accommodation districts, the so-called “The Home of Youth”, for young employees, and complementary facilities including The Communist Youth League branch office, library, study and internet center, exercising playground and court and field for ball games, which are highly praised by local government. Art ensembles organized by the company represented the Guangzhou Union and joined stage performance for HongKong’s reunion with mainland China.

The company was honored by our Provincial government as the model of legitimate employment practice, transparent management practice and outstanding culture contributor. Meanwhile it is also praised by the local government for advanced employee facilities, “Triple-A Harmonious Company”, and enterprise culture base.

Charity and Social Responsibility

As a well-known brand in China, BYS uses its fame and wide influence to help popularizing the basic scientific knowledge, including carbon emission and global warming, ecological preservation, garbage classification, as well as the correct way of using antibiotics, as a result of more than 6 million hand-books being printed and freely distributed to the society. 

The company also donate fund for poverty and minorities. For 13 consecutive years, BYS has subsidized the Guangzhou’s Association for disabled women and was praised as the top 10 Disability Charity Supporting Enterprise in Guangzhou. 



1973 BaiYunShan Farm Pharmaceutical Department was found.

1978 BaiYunShan Pharmaceutical Factory was found.

1983 Research and development department was established.

1984 BYS claim ownership to GuangZhou Football team, and became the first Chinese enterprise to own a sports team.

1986 Formally renamed as “GuangZhou BaiYunShan Pharmaceutical General Factory" (BYS Factory).

1988 Guangzhou BaiYunShan Group (BYS Group) was found, and BYS Factory remained as an independent legal body under BYS Group.

1992 BaiYunShan Pharmaceutical Company limited by shares (BYS Ltd) was established.

1993 BYS Ltd was listed in ShenZhen exchange as one of the first patch of listed companies in mainland China.

1999 BYS Ltd isolated from the BYS Group’s frame and formed independent management structure.

2001 GuangDong Pharmaceutical Holding (GPC) regrouped BYS Ltd.

2007 Injectable Cefathiamidine won the second price of “National Innovation Award”.

2008 BYS Factory acquired and merged with QiaoGuang Pharmaceutical.

2013 GPC acquired and merged with BYS Group and BYS Factory,then formed BaiYunShan Pharmaceutical Group Ltd.

2014 Through 16 years of research and optimizing, Generic Sildenafil Citrate was launched in Chinese market, branded “JinGe”.

2015 BYS Factory formally renamed as “BaiYunShan Pharmaceutical Group Ltd, BaiYunShan Pharmaceutical General Factory”, BaiYunShan General Factory for abbreviation.

2018 Novel cephalosporin Cefatirizine amidine was granted clinical trial license, has end a 20 year emptiness of novel cephalosporin trials in China.

2019 memantine hydrochloride obtained the production approval,which is considered as passing the conformity evaluation of generic drugs.

2020 Sildenafil Citrate (JinGe)  as the first generic drug passed the conformity evaluation of generic drugs with BaiYunShan General Factory, which has grossed over 1 billion yuan in sales.

2021 As a key member, we have made significant contributions to GPC's progress towards the Fortune Global 500,which ranked 468th on the 2021 Fortune Global 500 list.

2023 The approval of dapoxetine has created  twin stars  for BYS's male medicine.